Megjelent a De iurisprudentia et iure publico – Jog- és politikatudományi folyóirat 2021/1-2. száma

Magyar Jog- és Államtudományi Társaság gondozásában megjelenő De iurisprudentia et iure publico – Jog- és politikatudományi folyóirat (DIEIP) 2021/1-2. száma.

The Conference was opened by Vice Dean Norbert Varga. After his opening speech Anikó Szalai introduced the International and Regional Studies Institute and Vanda Szemenyei spoke about IDSA Szeged. Following the speeches, the conference had five panels wit

Jarmo GOMBOS: Introducting IDSA and the Conference

Abdelhafez ABDELHAFEZ :The Rise of Regional Powers in the Middle East and the Palestinian position

Erhan AYGÜN: Management of International Migration in Turkey since 2000

Javier FURUS: Attribution in Cyberspace – The ‘Whodunnit?’ of the 21st Century

Jarmo GOMBOS Nordic Cooperation, Nordic Council, or something else?

Farid HUSEYNOV and Adil QƏHRƏMANOV, Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Why is it not solved yet?

Vladislav KOSTIN: Diversity of the open data policies in the European Union

Monika PALOTAI: Military force based foreign policy on the cheap and quiet

Gitta RÚZSA: The legal accountability of Private Military and Security Companies in Peacekeeping Missions

Brigitta Kinga SCHVÉD: The balance of power theory in English political thought after the Glorious Revolution – Charles Davenant’s An Essay upon The Ballance of Power (1701)

Levente G. SZABÓ: War and the Japanese constitution –

László SZILÁGYI: Minority Protection in a Globalizing Europe – an Unresolved Matter of Competences

Bernadett SZŐKE-KIS: The F-word for Transnistria – Federalism